Math and ML Reading Group - Spring Semester 2024

Welcome to our series of talks regarding mathematical foundation of neural networks and machine learning. Below is the schedule for the upcoming semester.

Location: Evans 762 from 2 pm to 3 pm on Fridays (Zoom upon request). To access Zoom sessions, please email me.

Organizers: Franny Dean, Lewis Pan, and Maksym Zubkov.

Goals: These reading group aim to delve deep into the latest advancements in mathematical foundation of machine learning and neural networks.

Below are the possible articles we're considering:

# Date Topic Speaker Links
1 February 9 Organizational meeting
2 February 16 Geometry of Deep Polynomial Neural Networks Maksym Zubkov Recording, code
3 February 23 Deep Learning Essentials: From Universal Approximation to
Backpropagation and Beyond
Joshua Benjamin Recording, code
4 March 1 AI for Health Inspired by Physics Informed Neural Networks Franny Dean
5 March 8 Practical Introduction to Classification  Lewis Pan Zoom
6 March 15 TBD Daniel Chupin Zoom
7 March 22 TBD TBD Zoom
8 March 29 Discussion Session Maksym Zubkov Zoom
9 April 5 TBD Vladimir Baranovsky Zoom
10 April 12 TBD Anna Vakarova Zoom
11 April 19 TBD Adam Dhillon Zoom
12 April 26 TBD Daniel Chupin Zoom
13 May 3
A gif showing various aspects of Maksym Zubkov's life and work