• "Orientations of Uniform Oriented Lagrangian Matroid", Tobias Boege, Jesse Selover, and Maksym Zubkov
  • "Topology of Totally Non-degenerate Symmetric Matrices", Maksym Zubkov



Conferences and Workshops Attended

Date Title Location
2024 June "Tensors: Algebra-Geometry-Applications" Fort Collins, USA
2024 February "Tensor Networks" Los Angeles, USA
2024 January "Winter Program in Machine Learning" Austin, USA
2024 January "Connecting Higher-Order Statistics and Symmetric Tensors" Providence, USA
2023 Fall "Apprenticeship Week: Varieties from Statistics" Chicago, USA
2023 August "Numbers in the Universe" Kyiv, Ukraine
2023 July "SIAM Conference on Applied Algebraic Geometry" Eindhoven, The Netherlands
2023 June "Algebraic and topological interplay of algebraic varieties" Jaca, Spain
2023 June "Let’s get $\mathbb{R}$eal" Leipzig, Germany
2018 January "Joint Mathematics Meetings" San Diego, USA
2017 November "Field of Dreams Conference" St. Louis, USA
2017 August "Interactions between Representation Theory and Algebraic Geometry" Chicago, USA
2017 July "MAA MathFest Conference" Chicago, USA


You can reach me by email at mzubkov at berkeley dot edu.

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